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Renault FT & TSF This week

This week we continued with the fitting of the suspension beam and later in the week began fitting the main suspension housing and the hull…

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Renault FT – Update

The six Renault FT brake bands have come back from being re-lined. We have two originals and four are newly made. We have also had…

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Renault TSF Cupola

Tracks & Cupolas We have spent all week working on the Renault TSF cupola base and repairing two original cupolas – a TSF and an…

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Re-Building the Renault TSF

The focus this week was on rebuilding the Renault TSF. We are cataloguing the progress with a time lapse camera. You’ll find updates on our…

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Assembly of Renault FT

The assembly of the Renault FT hull really picked up momentum. We completed the interior and exterior of the front of the hull, fitted the…

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