Give the Gift of History with The Weald Foundation Membership Vouchers

Are you in search of a thoughtful gift for an individual with a keen interest in history or military vehicles? The Weald Foundation Membership Vouchers offer a distinguished choice, providing access to a range of benefits including our weekly Inside Track journal, complimentary entry on visiting days, and exclusive opportunities to purchase tickets for Member events.

Your purchase contributes directly to the Foundation’s ongoing projects, aimed at the restoration and preservation of historic military vehicles. This not only ensures that these vehicles are maintained for future generations, but also supports educational initiatives and the broader appreciation of historical artifacts.

Please be advised that the fees associated with our Membership Vouchers correspond to the cost of the Membership selected. Once acquired, these vouchers are redeemable exclusively for Membership package selected or of higher cost.

To procure a Weald Foundation Membership Voucher, please visit our website. Your support is greatly appreciated and plays a crucial role in our preservation efforts.