Renault FT, Renault TSF, Sd.Kfz.223, Sd.Kfz.222

Tracks & Cupolas

We have spent all week working on the Renault TSF cupola base and repairing two original cupolas – one for a Renault TSF and the other for a Renault FT. All the drawings are in hand for the entire steering brake and clutch mechanism for which machining is now underway. More instrumentation has been acquired for the Sd.Kfz 223 and 222 Ausf. A this week. All CAD drawings have been done for the track links which have been cast to make up the missing numbers for the two Renaults. Quotes are in hand for those to be machined.

Major break through on the cupola differences for the Renault FT and TSF – see the full story in Inside Track.

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