Renault FT, Renault TSF Turret, StuG III

A delicate operation today to lift the Renault TSF turret from it’s position on the tank to a specially made base to allow us to repair and replace the missing sections of the cupola base and cupola. Final dismantling of the Renault TSF prior to blasting and priming has started and should be finished next week. We have been busy making all of the new bearing housings to replace the originals after we machined the Renault FT and TSF gearboxes to get rid of the distortion due to age and use. Final analysis has been received on the correct engine paint colour on the Renault FT and TSF which will be ordered next week. There are new discoveries regarding MIAG StuG reported on Inside Track.

Finally, our web team is in the midst of redesigning the website. Changes can already be seen – more to follow.

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