Renault TSF, Renault FT

Detail Work

Focus continued on the restoration of all of the small components within the Renault TSF “Blockhaus” Turret. Great attention was spent on saving the smallest detail from an original item which has resulted in this part of the project taking a lot longer than expected. A large cache of photographs recording the interior of the Australian War Memorial (AWM) have been received which have provided valuable insight into the turret interior.

The Renault FT and TSF brake bands and brake drums are currently being attended to. New brake bands have been ordered using spring steel and the brake drums are being individually fitted to each clutch cover plate which are being re bushed replacing the old worn out examples using phosphor bronze.

One of the brake drums required serious attention as it had sustained some damage in the previous 100 years which we have resolved this week but will require skimming out internally as the perfect circle was slightly misshapen through the accident.

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