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Weald Foundation members are given full access to all Inside Track articles released each week, from the commencement of their annual subscription, for each year of your membership along with a host of other benefits. Normally two new research and discovery articles are published weekly within the Weald Foundation journal – Inside Track. These articles relate to the Foundation projects past, present, and future and to topics of interest to our membership. The Weald Foundation’s twelve year record of publishing Inside Track research continues to prove invaluable to historians, other collectors, and modellers. For copies of articles that precede their annual subscription Members can purchase individual copies of Inside Track articles from our Archive. Becoming a Weald Foundation member provides you full access to all the research released each week for a year along with a host of other benefits. Please see the Membership area for more details.

The Rise of the Replica

The Rise of the Replica – Part 1 In a series of forthcoming articles, we wish to open discussions on the “Rise of the Replica”…

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Becker Auction

The End Of An Era Andre Becker (†96), (see attached image)who passed away recently, was one of the best known and greatest collectors of military…

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