Inside Track

Two new research and discovery articles are published weekly within the Weald Foundation journal – Inside Track. These articles relate to the Foundation projects past, present and future. This decade long record of research continues to prove invaluable to historians, other collectors and modelers. Members are now able to purchase copies of past research from the archive. Becoming a member gives you full access to all the research released each week for the year of your membership along with a host of other benefits. Please see the Membership area for more details.

A key discovery

A rare find of a StuG III hatch key Collecting can be a lot of fun and we end up with many items which will…

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Mowat StuG III rolls out

StuG stars in October Military Machines International Just a little over 4 years since it arrived in the UK the restored Mowat StuG finally moved…

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Our recipe using original cook book . . . This article has 6 words Reading time 1 minute There are 7 photos Become a Member…

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Renault Tractor arrives

Renault GP tractor arrives from Belgium One of the biggest and most obvious challenges facing us in the FT & TSF projects was the need…

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Renault FT engine restoration

Engines reveal parts suppliers Close examination of the ball bearing casings from both our tractor and FT engines has revealed the three letters RBF. This…

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