Discovery – StuG III Segeltuch Abdeckung – Sturmgeschütze Ausf.G.

From the Archive - Original canvas weather cover found

We are repeatedly asked by our members and collector friends for details of the Foundation’s original Segeltuch Abdeckung ( canvas cover) for Sturmgeschütze Ausf.G. These are remarkably rare as the canvas had great value in the post war rebuilding.

It is therefore timely to re-publish some details and photographs from an Inside T rack article from 6 years ago.

Original Segeltuch Abdeckung canvas covers for most of our vehicles have proved extremely elusive. The Foundation has been forced to use detailed photographs and manual images to faithfully reproduce most of the examples we have in the collection. For our Sturmgeschütze Ausf.G. we were fortunate enough to locate an original example and complete a detailed survey recording dimensions, the fabric finish, stitching and attachment details with a view to making our own copy.

Subsequently the Foundation was offered a large original canvas cover. The excitement grew when we observed a cut out for the drivers position and a collar with strap for the gun. From our previous survey we knew immediately vehicle that this was designed for, was a Sturmgeschütze Ausf.G. This perfect Segeltuch Abdeckung (canvas cover), a veteran of the Normandy campaign was ours to have!

To find, purchase and own an original Segeltuch Abdeckung is something very special.

Enjoy the photographs!

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