Zundapp KS750, Renault FT, Laufrollen, Sd.Kfz 223 Ausf A

The reassembly of the Zundapp KS 750 is progressing well. We are awaiting some key bearings which are to be replaced given that the originals were very rusty. The paintwork is complete. It was checked against the required wartime Dunkelgelb and has been confirmed as being absolutely correct. Phew. A number of additional original components have been sourced to produce a completely original side car combination.

The Renault FT is receiving attention on the MG drum which fits to the Hotchkiss M1914 inside the turret. We are using the original plans for the rebuild and are fortunate to have a reasonably clear image of the drum as well. The M1914 requires additional fittings to be machined for it to fit as it did in 1918 to the mantlet with the drum and used cartridge pouch. This will be done by early January.

We collected a large consignment of varied laufrollen – roadwheels for various German tracked vehicles including a large number of Panther wheels, Sd.Kfz 250, Kettenkrad, and large halftracks. These have now been offloaded and set up in one of our storage facilities.

Work continues on the carburettor for the Sd.Kfz 223. This project is nearing completion.

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