VW166 Schwimmwagen, Jagdpanther 411, SdKfz 223

The visit last weekend made for a good end to the week. Highlights of the tour were the Jagdpanther starting up and a ride in the Wiking 251. The engine start was unannounced so proved to be quite a shock and surprise simultaneously. Jagdpanther 411 is running very well now with the multiple steering adjustments that have taken place prior to our Open Day up to now. The only remaining point of interest is the hydraulic pressure. This seems to be slightly lower on the right hand side. This will be checked and if confirmed rectified.

The SdKfz 223 3 Serie has made a giant leap this week through the work of the Advanced Engineering Apprentices of DE & S (MOD). 6 individuals approached the disassembly of the SdKfz 223 chassis interior with enthusiasm. All removed objects were photographed prior to removal, during and after removal. Tagged and bagged. The gearbox oif the SdKfz 223 will be attended to next week – stripped and assessed. It does not appear to have been fully stripped over the past 75 years. Good news. All of the original bolts were still evident.

The VW Schwimmwagen has had all of the points outstanding in the front axle resolved. Replacement of wheel hub bolts, gaiter adjustment (to fit) and now steering setting. The test drive we took was slightly problematic in that the steering proved quite tough. We are making further adjustments to the wheel settings – turning the toes in slightly and checking for the optimum wheel pressure to assist in achieving a less laboured turning experience. 2 of the DE&S team worked on the Schwimmwagen wheels and steering.

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