VW166 Schwimmwagen, Jagdpanther 411, SARC ‘Marmon Herrington’

The Schwimmwagen has received the majority of our focus this week. The German restoration of the front axle continues to yield disappointment. There are 2 different wheel bolt sizes used in the brake drum hub..We have now rectified this and replaced the wrong bolt sizes after addressing the hole diameter issue. The axle continues to draw attention as the new bellows that were built on did not fit correctly. These have now been adjusted and are back on.

The Jagdpanther was delivered back on Tuesday. She ran well at Tankfest and will require checking over to ensure the plugs are clean, the fuel line is clear and the errant track pin is identified and replaced. Additional points have been noted during the tours we gave to new members at the Tank Museum which will need attention in due course. These will all be written up under our Department of Corrections mantle and posted in our online magazine Inside Track. The dashboard wiring will also need attention as it appears the ignition lights are not sequenced correctly.

The research on our SARC Marmon Herrington MKIII is building. We now have more exact production data, detailed specification sheets regarding all 4 marques. These will also be written up and posted in Inside Track when they are ready.

We have a tour which has been organised for tomorrow. A group of 20 individuals are visiting the Foundation premises for a tour of the workshops and collection. We run a number of these over the year and are willing to entertain groups here as long as they have booked well in advance. Please email mail@wealdfoundation.org if you wish to bring a group of no more than 20 on a weekday or weekend to see what we do. £30 per person.

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