VW 166 Schwimmwagen, Zundapp KS 750, Jagdpanther

Our long awaited spare steering box for the Schwimmwagen turned up this week. The new steering box will be used as a source of parts for those missing in ours once it was returned from Germany. The steering box was disassembled and the missing parts cleaned and assembled into the original steering box.

Jagdpanther 411 was taken out for another trial run this week. All is running well.

The Zundapp KS 750 had its locking mechanism built into the tool box on the fuel tank. This was taken to Germany in error and only returned once we realised it had gone. In place again. The air pressure markings have been put in place by our sign writer. The decisions taken on which markings to use have been described in detail in our latest Inside Track edition.

Much work has gone into preparing the premises for the arrival of our members and trustees this week. Rearranging displays, disposing of old unusable material and a lot of gardening work has slowly transformed the outside into a presentable state. The audiovisual room is now fully wired, painted and equipped.

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