The Renault TSF Cometh

After unloading the Renault FT and all related parts we have recommenced work on the Renault TSF. This is focussed on the suspension where the bogey wheels are being fitted on to their axles and into the sandwich plates. The springs are next – which will be bolted to the bogey assemblies next week. We had the BBC around on Thursday afternoon filming and interviewing the team about the Renault FT which was taken for a drive on the farm for the film crew. The rest of the suspension beams (longeron ) are being attended to with the front idler wheel axle bolts being made from scratch as with the Renault FT.

The reception to the Renault FT was very surprising. We had no idea how this little WW1 tank would be received as the competition was immense – especially in the form of the impressive Tiger II from Saumur. We managed to secure a good number of quality parts for the Sd.Kfz 222 and Sd.Kfz 223 from the event in the Netherlands – Militracks. These added to the ever growing group of parts for the project start which should be some time this year. Have a good weekend from all of us!!

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