Successful HLF visit, TWC progress, MG pedestal mount

Focus on the TWC Sd.Kfz.223 was on the floor supports and transmission cover. Each sheet has been fixed in place with countersunk screws. The transmission cover is now in place. Next steps will be the front fenders and the pedestal mount for the MG 34.

The Atemschlauch gas mask extension tube containers (see below) that were in very bad crushed condition are on their way to being saved. Now all straightened but will need extensive work to let in new sheet steel to repair the large corrosion holes in one of them. The others all require dedicated work to patch corrosion holes, repair edges, refit original spring clips and provide new caps to the tubes. The pedestal mount machined items are being slowly fitted as they become available. This is a very exciting part of the project.

We are awaiting new supplies of leather for the detailed strapping work on the water bottle stowage fittings. Steel sections for the continued machining of the MG pedestal mount for the Sd.Kfz.223.

A large contingent of people from a local Kent school, a charity and the DWP offices of Maidstone and Tonbridge arrived and were treated to the first showing of a documentary of the Australian Local Pattern Carrier 1 which is project planned for the new year. Many questions were raised post viewing by the attendees and a tour followed of the Foundation’s workshops and collection.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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