SdKfz 261, Zundapp KS750, SdKfz 223, Jagdpanther, Renault FT, Sd.Kfz.251

A busy week after our return from collecting a nice group of parts from abroad. All the required original Zundapp KS750 parts are now here at the workshops and are currently being fitted to the motorcycle. The new original front headlamp has been fitted, the rear brake light is fitted, the new old stock handlebar fittings are in place, the late pattern Noris hooter is being brought back into life. Our first dalliance with localised rust removal is being done on the sidecar boat with a small area of experimentation under the spare wheel attachment. A new old stock slatted foot rest was brought from our stores and will be fitted once it has received a little TLC.

The Jagdpanther 411 had a small test run yesterday with the visit our graduate class from our DWP initiative. Great excitement when she roared to life. We are doing this regularly now together with all of the other vehicles in the collection. The Renault FT and the SdKfz 251 were taken out and given a run. The SdKfz 251 was used to provide a fun run for the visitors who thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The SdKfz 261 chassis continues to have work done on it with the wheel hubs nearing completion – the last of 4 is currently on the bench. Artwork is being done via AutoCAD for the missing Querlenker wishbone parts. we are missing 2 and will finish them to be exactly the same as they were originally.

The SdKfz 223 3 Serie superstructure has been removed completely and is currently being reviewed. There are many incorrect sections that were grafted in to the body over time and we are analysing which parts can be used again. The chassis is in good condition. A few changes will need to be made – the handbrake will need to be replaced give that a normal medium field car example had been fitted some time after the war. The engine is a late 3.8 version and can be used in one of our other projects – the SdKfz 261 with different fittings of course!!

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