SdKfz 261, Zundapp KS750, SdKfz 223 Ausf A

Apologies for the gap in updates. We were unable to provide any for the past 2 weeks.

A lot has been achieved since then with the Zundapp KS750 continuing its progress towards completion. The sidecar frame is being reassembled with the axle and wheel. The trip to collect the vital outstanding original parts in due to happen in a week. The research is ongoing regarding the finish of this motorcycle combination – assembled in April 1944. Reports of the progress and findings in this regard will continue to be published in our online magazine. There is no information regarding the detail of a Zundapp KS750 completed in this month in 1955 so we are going through the usual exploratory process to establish exactly how she looked when she left the assembly hall all those years ago. We are getting very near to our end goal in this regard.

The SdKfz 261 chassis is now receiving the vital care given that it was discovered in 2 halves having been split due to a traumatic event during WWII. This work will take between 4 to 6 months. While this is being done the panels for the superstructure and those for the other armoured cars – the SdKfz 222 and 223 are being pulled together in readiness for assembly once the chassis are complete. The wire frame drawings for the SdKfz 223 Ausf A are progressing well which will allow us to join the existing original armoured together correctly so that it will not only fit the chassis but be as per it was when it entered the assembly hall at Auto Union.

The Kettenkrad has had the newly restored water header tank installed. Testing of the engine now that the header tank has been attedned to will be completed next week.

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