SdKfz 261, Zundapp KS750, Sd.Kfz 223, SdKfz 222

The SdKfz 261 has received a lot of attention this week as we strip down and cleaned the wheel hub retainers. These are all in very good condition and will only require the replacement of seals and bearings. The last piece of work that can be done on the main brake unit has been completed. The 3D artwork required for the top has been completed and we next need the final detail on the exact finish of the brake unit to get this made. It will probably be printed. The foot pedals have been cleaned and repaired and are now ready for two missing food pedal shaft which will very likely have to be made.

The Zundapp KS750 is slowly taking shape as we trial fit the sidecar boat to the sidecar chassis. This is prior to the conservation stage to retain the original paint and show off the boat in its original condition for years to come. The remaining original missing components for the completion of the motorcycle combination are to to be collected next week. The trip was delayed due to a member of the team not be available for this past week. Very near now…..

We are studying the differences in doors for our armoured car projects. We have discovered 4 different varieties thus far. We will be doing a piece on these doors in our online magazine Inside Track. The SdKfz 223 Ausf A is currently being stripped down. The panels required for the assembly of this vehicle are being gathered today to enable the 3D drawing of the wire frame to enable the panels to be fitted together and to ensure the fenders are fabricated correctly for this series.

The SdKfz 222 4 Serie is being studied to provide us with detail for the construction of the radiators during the period. We will also need to study the other marques to ensure the radiators are fabricated in the correct way for each machine. We fortunately have high quality original imagery to aid us in the process.

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