Sd.Kfz. 261, Zundapp KS750, Schwimmwagen VW166, Horch Kfz 21

The SdKfz 261 Typ v chassis side rails are now compete save for the fittings required along the inside face of both rails – such as the gearbox mounts. The profiles for these have been prepared and are awaiting folding on Tuesday next week. They will replace the originals which are sadly beyond repair. The gearbox is now assembled awaiting the final attention to remove stubborn crusted oil and dirt on various parts of the casing. This will have to be removed very carefully as there is a generous covering of original paint and lettering on the casing which we aim to preserve. This will be done in the same conservation vein as the Pz 1 engine we did for the Tank Museum and the Zundapp KS750 sidecar boat just completed.

The Zundapp KS750 problems we experienced last week with starting have been fully resolved. This required exchanging the jets with our other original carburettor . A very successful trial run and others were conducted through the course of the week to ensure the motorcycle combination will be in good stead for the local classic car meet this weekend. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to ride alongside a the wartime partner a BMW R75 on Thursday when a friend brought his machine around. This was posted on Facebook.

Investigation carried out by our Research Team for the SARC Marmon Herrington project took a large leap forward this week with the breakthrough achieved in the understanding of the provenance, assembly timing and pedigree of our two SARC MKIIIs. We still have a long way to go but with the help of William Marshall and the significant archive material we now have in our hands a full picture should emerge over time. Further work on the instruments and instrument panel was concluded this week and the full results are to be seen in our online magazine Inside Track.

The Schwimmwagen VW166 of the Collection has been descended upon by part of our team now that the Zundapp KS750 project is over. The VW166 front axle which spent many years in Northern Germany receiving attention is in the spotlight and will be completed in over a week. A thorough scorecard is being maintained as they progress with this vehicle to aid in the understanding of what needs to be done for an accurate, authentic and as far as possible original end result. Which parts are not correct, not original and have to be replaced. One part at a time.

The long awaited replacement radiator core work has been completed and the team fitted the radiator back into the Horch Kfz 21. All went well and a test drive will be conducted next week to ensure all is working well with the new fitting.

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