SdKfz 261, Zundapp KS750, Schwimmwagen VW166, Horch Kfz 21, SdKfz 223

The work on the Typ v chassis for the SdKfz 261 continued this week although a little slower. The area of focus this week were the gearbox mounts on either side of the engine together with the main chassis cross member. The cross member profile together with the gearbox mounts had been folded on Tuesday and are now being worked on.

The distraction every now and again this week was the tricky starting problem with the Zundapp KS750. This has now been resolved to a one kick start together with instructions for the various operators. A small leak had been detected in the fuel tap under the tank but has since been resolved. We are still awaiting a replacement original fuel tap.

The Schwimmwagen front axle is taking shape. A few parts were unfortunately misplaced by the individual over hauling the axle and will have to be replaced. These are fortunately not rare or difficult to find so progress continues.

Our research team has focussed on the Horch engines in our collection and have discovered a few unknown points about the engine originally fitted to our Horch Kabriolett Kfz 21. This is covered extensively in this week’s Inside Track.

The engine for our SdKfz 222 a Horch 3.5 litre V8 is under review and the parts are being prepared, gathered and compared for our 3 serie SdKfz 223 which requires the same engine. See the attached image.

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