SdKfz 261, SdKfz 223, SdKfz 222, Renault FT and Renault TSF, VW 166

This week saw the return of the Renault FT and TSF after a very successful Militracks event at the weekend. We have come to a standstill on the VW 166 front axle pending the arrival of small components for the interior of the steering box which have yet to be located. The axle will be fitted to the Schwimmwagen once it has been completed.

The SdKfz 261 chassis continues to be recovered as the complicated cross members take shape. These will all be completed prior to the front section of the chassis receiving attention. This is more complicated and will require many weeks of surgery given the poor condition of this area of the chassis.

The engines for the SdKfz 222 are being used as the proof for the 3.5 litre V8 example required for the 3 Serie SdKfz 223. We have a very exciting block casting project which we just commenced which will ultimately result in an authentic 3.5 litre V8 engine for the SdKfz 223. More about this exciting project will follow in our Inside Track magazine shortly.

The rest of us are now in preparation mode for the Members Open day 2019. Lessons learned from Militracks are being incorporated into our plans for this special event on June 22nd. Marketing and display are particular areas of focus for the coming few weeks.

The Jagdpanther will be taken out at the end of next week for a test run now that the steering and engine magneto issues have been attended to.

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