SdKfz 223 Ausf A, 4 Serie SdKfz 222, 5 Serie SdKfz 261, Jagdpanther 411

We stripped the hubs, brakes, bearings and drive shafts on the 3 Serie SdKfz 223 off one of the suspension assemblies on the chassis. (see attached image). We collected the now machined Querlenker wishbone assemblies themselves with their fittings for the 5 Serie SdKfz 261. These only require soft pad fettling to finish them. See main image.

The line drawings are now complete for the 3 Serie SdKfz 223, 4 Serie SdKfz 222 and 5 Serie SdKfz 261. The individual panels have been broken out for comparison with the large stash of originals. Adjustments will be made once we begin the assembly of the armoured hulls.

We entertained War History online here this week. They took an extensive series of images of the outside and some interior pictures of our collection.

Nicholas Moran’s (The Chieftain) interview with Hilary Doyle on our Jagdpanther 411 is now on online. It has attracted a number of new members to the Weald Foundation. We urge all of you to view the interview with Hilary Doyle on the Jagdpanther 411 to learn more about Jagdpanther 411 and the Weald Foundation.

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