Sd.Kfz.223 turret fitted, engine bored, gunners seat almost complete

The race is on to complete the many smaller tasks for the interior and exterior of the le.Pz.Sp.Wg. armoured car. The gunner’s seat for the MG pedestal is now almost done bar the upholstery.

The block has had all the bores machined. Pressure tested and cleaned. Honing of the bores is next and the crankshaft is currently under focus. This requires grinding.

The sump guard is being cleaned up. We have been researching how this was fitted to the chassis in 1939. We have also fitted the Schutzschild turret with its MG pedestal to the vehicle. This requires all of the Rollenbock turret roller guide fittings (original) to be fitted as well. The turret makes quite the noise as it is rotated 360 degrees given the pitted Schutzschild turret ring. This noise will be significantly reduced once the vehicle is fully kitted out and it is not in the assembly hall echo chamber.

We have located a number of key components over the past few days. These will arrive over the next few weeks and will be pressed into action once they are cleaned and repaired.

The team has taken the chance to break for the Christmas holidays. They will all be back in the New Year.

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