Sd.Kfz.223, Horch Kfz 21, VW 166 Schwimmwagen

The focus of all of our teams is on the two SdKfz 223 armoured cars for the Milestone Event which we are hosting on Saturday 17th September. Not a long time to go and the more we can get completed by this date the more informative it will be for our Members and visitors.

This week’s work on the SdKfz 223 projects included freeing up original old hinges for both armoured cars. This task is almost complete. Those hinge sections that are missing are being remedied by castings made from originals which are being machined and primed. The end result is looking very good. A full set of hinges for the TWC SdKfz 223. Our SdKfz 223 is to follow.

The visor block holders for the SdKfz 223 visors are completed for all 8 visors (covering both SdKfz 223). Only two tasks remain to complete the fittings for the visors – the rubber head stop and the toggle lock for the visors. These are underway. The door latches are also in focus. All of the bushes within the door handle mechanisms have to be freed up. Some require replacement.

A lengthy power outage on Wednesday provided the perfect (always taken) opportunity for maintenance on our vehicles with the Horch Kfz 21, VW 166 Schwimmwagen and Stoewer all receiving attention. New batteries are required for the Horch Kfz 21. These have lasted for nearly 20 years!

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