Sd.Kfz.223 gas mask holders, MG 34 pedestal, map case, LP1 documentary

The Sd.Kfz.223 3.Serie continues to progress with each passing day. The leather work in belts, straps and buckles has focussed on the map case, the gas mask holders, the Doppeltrommel (double drum) magazine boxes. The canteen holders have all been fabricated and painted in their final coat as well. These have all been fitted with their leather straps post painting and are now mounted within the vehicle. All of these detached components have been primed and top coated with the correct colours in readiness for the final fitting into the vehicle. That date is now not far away as we assume that the blasting and priming of the vehicle Aufbau (body) will be in January 2024.

The MG 34 machine gun pedestal elevation components are underway (see lead image). This requires a considerable amount of machining before we will be able to gather the individual parts together for assembly. The MG pedestal work will continue will at least another 2 weeks. The seat for the pedestal is another topic. This is being slowly put together mindful of the original components in the rather delicate seat and the springs etc.

The starting handle guide for the engine in the Sd.Kfz.223 3.Serie has also been readied. The final position for this can only be set once the engine is back with us from an engine machine shop. We are looking for a ‘short block’ solution to resolve the slight scoring in one of the bores, ensure the con rods are straight and so on. The final assembly of the 3,5 litre V8 Horch engine will then be up to the team here at the Foundation.

Filming of the documentary for the Australian LP1 continued this week with the assistance of a well known collector in Australia. He provided well needed insight and years of experience within the Australian collector community to bring real resonance to the LP1 project for the viewers. Thank you very much.

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