Sd.Kfz.223 3.Serie Feldflasche Brackets, Radio Receiver Detail, Gas Mask Brackets, Australian LP1 Carrier

The Sd.Kfz.223 3.Serie progressed well this week with many of the small detail issues being resolved. Items such as the gas mask holders specific to this armoured car Serie, the workable detail for the Emfaenger receiver for the interior, the exact finish of the Feldflasche water canteen holders for this early vehicle and many other small touches including the small detonator box mounted in the rear of the interior of the crew cabin.

The instrument panel is fitted for the Sd.Kfz.223, the early pattern windscreen inserts are underway. A detailed Action Plan is now in place given how advanced the project now is. Many small details are to be completed to bring the interior to a finish. The Schutzschild turret has been taken to the sandblasters for blasting and priming prior to coming back here for fitting.

Detailed drawings of the Australian local Pattern Carrier 1 (LP1) progress thanks very kindly to a friend of ours in Australia who provided us with missing details.

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