Sd.Kfz.223 3.Serie – Adding the final touches

The Horch 3.5 litre V8 of the Sd.Kfz.223 3.Serie is now running beautifully. The engine has been run for some time over the week. This allowed us to discover what problems there were in the form of oil leaks, water leaks and electrics.

The fuel tanks are all strapped in place. These have been fitted snug against the interior of the armoured hull either side of the engine and radiator. The radiator has been plumbed in. The original suppression leads and plugs are all fitted.

The exhaust assembly is now fitted and will be removed next week for priming and painting. The special rear engine side hatch opening mechanism is underway for both rear hatches. We have a number of the necessary components for this incredibly rare device which will require drawings to complete the picture. These drawings are underway. Fabrication of the required components will begin once the drawings are in hand.

The special and very rare brake lights are wired up and fitted. We have just fitted some unknown detail to the brake lights in their wiring detail to the armoured hull rear. These were spotted by our research team and actioned almost immediately.

The number plates have been cut and edged to the correct size for this generation of armoured car – 1939. We will be following up on this in a future article covering the research and detail behind these registration number plates. The lights and their dedicated stands for the number plates for this early 1939 launched Sd.Kfz.223.3 Serie are awaiting fitting early next week. Some attention to the battery charging efficiency will be required in due course necessitating a visit by the auto electrician at some point.

Have a good weekend.

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