Sd.Kfz.222A, Sd.Kfz.223A and Sd.Kfz.223B Projects Begin

A long way to go!!

We have started on the long awaited German armoured car project. The focus to begin with is to get the Sd.Kfz 223 Ausf B chassis into a usable state. The chassis has been fully recorded and the images and dimensions have been entered into our extensive and growing archive on the subject. The chassis is being stripped and assessed for treatment. The chassis beams will require substantial TLC as it was exposed to water over the years and the corrosion has caused considerable damage to the trunking of the chassis side and cross members. The chassis frame will be referred to another of our counterparts next week for cleaning. We have considered sandblasting but will probably opt for dipping due to the hollow structure of the frame – all needs cleaning.

The image shows the lower stripped suspension wishbones being attended to.

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