Sd.Kfz.222 4.Serie, Sd.Kfz.223, Renault FT

Our original Sd.Kfz.222 Ausf.A armoured car which was launched a few weeks back has been the focus, where time has allowed, to adjust certain fittings. A tuning process assuring that for example the visors work correctly, the front bumper is complete, the armoured splash guard has been addressed to retain the large overall Dunkelgrau (dark gray) paint cover etc etc.

The search has continued for the last remaining electrical dashboard fittings for the Sd.Kfz.261 5.Serie which are required for the project.

The front hooks for the Sd.Kfz 223 German armoured car of TWC have been worked on. These are new castings copied from originals in our collection. These have required machining, welding and finally heating up and bending to complete. This is part of the bumper assembly process.

We opened the Foundation’s archive on the Renault FT French World War 1 tank and have posted Part 1 of the findings of our research in this week’s Inside Track magazine. This work covers the numbering methodology used by the French in WWI on their Renault FT light tanks.

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