Sd.Kfz 222 4.Serie, Sd.Kfz.223 4.Serie, Sd.Kfz 223 3.Serie, Sd.Kfz 261 5.Serie,

Fuel pumps for the Sd.Kfz.223 3.Serie, Sd.Kfz.222 4.Serie, Sd.Kfz.223 4.Serie have been definitively researched and have resulted in us identifying the correct individual examples for each of these armoured cars. We now have these fuel pumps in hand. For all of the information and images leading to this discovery look no further than this week’s edition of Inside Track.

The wheels have now been fitted to the Sd.Kfz.223 4.Serie. The replacement gearbox block mount has been fabricated and is now in position. The differential and gearbox are also fitted. The final paint treatment will be completed later once we have warmer weather. Wheel nuts are being machined for the front two hubs.

The le.Pz.Sp.Wg . air pump saga has drawn to a conclusion this week. The introduction to this air pump was made to our members last week in Inside Track and the team have spent much of this week realising one of these for the collection.

Progress has been made on the rear reflectors research for the armoured car series. The research has now concluded and our findings will be published shortly in Inside Track.

Gathering parts for the 3.8 litre Horch V8 engine for our 5 Serie Sd.Kfz.261 project continues. Cylinder heads, dynamo brackets, original distributor suppression components and the fuel pump mentioned above – have all been accumulated this week.

All of the parts gathered during this lockdown phase have now been boxed according to which project they belong to (see main image).

Another team member has joined us here in the workshop this week which will make a significant impression on what we are doing on a daily basis.

Have a good weekend and STAY SAFE.

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