Sd.Kfz 222 4.Serie, Sd.Kfz 223 4.Serie, Jagdpanther 411

The gearbox for the second Jagdpanther has now been fully disassembled. The gears are being removed from the shafts very carefully.

The chassis for the Sd.Kfz.222 4.Serie is being reassembled. The conservation work is now complete. All areas that have had the surface paint removed have been cleaned and dressed with a rust remover/ paint enhancing gel. The last step is for a preservative layer to be sprayed on which seals the surface protecting it from further corrosion. This is the same process we followed with our Zundapp KS 750. The bearings have now arrived for the wheel stations. Some of the hub components will require time in the parts washer as they still retain their original grease which has hardened. Once this process is complete we will then be able to fit the bearings and the wheel stations. One of the rims requires new paint dressing as it was sandblasted at some point after the war and repainted without primer or the correct paint. We have had the paint matched for the rim and will order the match and apply it next week.

The Sd.Kfz.223 4.Serie steering linkage shaft requires a new tapered spline to replace the existing. At some point after the war the positions of nearly all controls accessed by the driver were reversed in direction from left to right and bent or refitted accordingly. This is the case with the steering linkage.

More original components for the Sd.Kfz.250 projects continue to arrive as do multiple small fittings for the various radio vehicles we are working on – such as the Sd.Kfz.223 and Sd.Kfz.261.

The lead image is of the differential with prop shaft alongside. The diff casing plate was the only part which still retained its original colour. The remainder was cleaned and painted in the matched colour analysed by our paint conservation partners – Lincoln Conservation

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