Sd.Kfz.222 4 Serie, Sd.Kfz.223 3 Serie, Sd.Kfz.261 5 Serie, SARC Marmon Herrington Mk III, New Workshop, Lathe

All the original rims and tyres for the Sd.Kfz.222 4 Serie, Sd.Kfz.223 3 Serie, Sd.Kfz.261 5 Serie have been booked to be dealt with by our tractor tyre specialist who has done many tyres for us on the farm. The rims in the wrong or damaged tyres, wrong rims in the correct tread pattern and so on will be split next week. These will then be lasted and primed. The same specialist will return and fit the correct tyres on the rims for each Serie of armoured car. Good breakthrough on the timeline history of the 3 armoured cars this week and some resultant new discoveries as to the radio fittings for the 3 Serie Sd.Kfz.223. Look at this weeks Inside Track for full detail.

We are in the process of dealing with the documentation for getting the SARC ‘Marmon Herrington’ Mk III transfer cases back into the UK. These are awaiting shipment.

The new workshop toilet and kitchen is now in place. The plumbing electrics and waste water is in train to be done. The groundwork for the waste water lines and pumps are being put in place as we speak.

The new display hall is to have the roller shutter doors and access door fitted from Monday next week. This will allow the Renault FT and Renault TSF to be moved into this hall thereby clearing the fabrication workshop for the workshop equipment to be installed. The guillotine, box and pan folder, hydraulic press, English wheel, mechanical saw and utility lathe will be laid out in this new fabrication workshop.

The existing workshop is being transformed into a machine shop and finishing area. We still have to move the residual ‘dirty’ equipment out but that can happen over time. The large lathe was delivered yesterday. You can see it being lifted from the truck on Facebook.

One of our team returns on Monday to help facilitate the moves. The core part of the team will return in July once all of the moves of vehicles and kit has been completed to a ready workshop. Very exciting.

Have a great weekend and Stay Safe.

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