Sd.Kfz 222 4 Serie, Australian LP1, South African Reconnaissance Car Marmon Herrington Mk III

Sd.Kfz.222 4.Serie chassis wheel stations are being reassembled and fitted to the chassis. The front two wheel stations are now complete and fitted. The components for the rear two have been cleaned and prepared for fitting. The front differential and drive shafts have been fitted and have yet to be bolted together. The bolts and washers for these parts are currently being scraped clean of late paint applications leaving the original paint from the assembly period in 1940. The paint identified by our paint conservation partners Lincoln Conservation for the rims has been ordered and will be applied to the rear two rims which were painted incorrectly since the war’s end.

Our Jagdpanther#2 gearbox has now been fully disassembled and the internal components and casings are being mapped and graded.

Our researchers have started the long process of identifying individual components for the Australian LP1 carrier one of which was the Vickers machine gun mount specific to the LP1. There are a number of other smaller details which are currently under examination which we will write up as we determine them.

The Marmon Herrington Mk III turrets specifically for the MFF variant are under examination. Our findings will be published in Inside Track in due course once our research is complete.

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