Sd.Kfz.222 4.Serie

As the launch date nears so does the urgency of all tasks. The problem is some of them such as the two rear Konsol rolling block turret supports cannot be rushed as these are very detailed and important structural devices. The work in completing these was finally finished this week. The two ‘upside down’ rolling block turret supports for the front roof of the crew cabin should be fitted today.

The fittings for the floor around the driver’s area was the focus during downtime spells this week. The frames for the attachment of the bellows below the floor are now done and the diaphragms are next once we establish the material.

The central floor panel now has the hole let into it for the stowage box (in the floor) to the right of the driver. The stowage box has yet to be drawn and fitted. The small circular hole has also been let into the floor to the left rear of this box. This still requires a frame and gasket to complete it.

The missing gas mask holder has now been fabricated. This will be fitted with the 2 originals into the interior of the vehicle.

The Zweibein MG bipod holder is underway with the fabrication team.

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