Sd.Kfz.222 4.Serie

The front half of the body for the SdKfz 222 le.Pz.Sp.Wg. German armoured car from WWII, together with its Schutzschild have now been fully blasted and primed. These two components in addition to the fuel tanks and many of the interior parts have been given the final top coat paint treatment.

The correct paint finish for the air filters has been established and will be applied later this week. This and the correct paint finish for the tyre air pump compressor has also been determined by our paint conservation experts at Lincoln Conservation. These paints will be mixed by or paint counterparts here in the region.

The floor hatches have been fabricated and fitted and await final top coat treatment (main image). This will happen early next week together with the fenders. Other smaller items are receiving the same treatment such as the Halter für Gurtkasten MG belt cases, firewall sections and many other pieces.

The grenade net cover for the turret will be under the microscope next week as will the instrument panel.

The engine, fan and radiator (awaiting fan belts) have been fully fitted to the chassis and await the fuel tanks. These will be coated internally before they are fitted to the interior of the engine compartment.

All go for next week.

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