Renault FT Turret Fitted, Engine run and Gears changed. Crew Cabin Nearly Finished, Renault TSF green black primer coat.

We have had good progress this week with focus falling almost exclusively on the Renault FT. The Turret has been fitted. The turret locking mechanism has been made from a number of original components with a new handle machined which was missing from the assemble of components. Internally the paint work is complete and the ammunition bins installed. The second coat of khaki or cafe au lait has now been completed. Next week we will complete the full camouflage scheme. The engine was run to test the final drive and gear change. See Facebook for this detail.

The Renault TSF has had some of the controls installed, the hand levers, the foot pedals trial fit to get the control rods sized to fit. The crew cabin and turret interior has been painted its first coat of white. The second will be applied this weekend. Waiting for the battery boxes which are being made to original size specification. They should arrive next week.

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