Renault FT Suspension Beams and Painting the Exterior Begins, Sd.Kfz.222. Sd.Kfz.223 interior plaques

Taking Shape

The suspension beams are being assembled for the Renault FT. The springs wheels and suspension hangers are being installed inside the suspension beams. Adjustments are having to be made along the way to fit some these components. The TSF is having to take a back seat for the moment in order to allow the FT to be completed. The track links for both the Renault FT and TSF are now machined old and new. They will require blasting a painting with a very hardy 2 pack paint next before they are assembled. The green black primer paint has been applied to the outside of the Renault FT hull and turret including the cupola. On a separate note the artwork for the interior plaques for the Sd.Kfz 222 and 223 Ausf A and B is complete save for one line of numbers on the Dueseeinstellen plaque for setting the carburettor jets. The chassis plaques for Auto Union Werk Horch are already complete. All will be sent off as soon as the line on the plaque for the jets is complete.

Our target is another 5 weeks on the Renault FT and 8 on the Renault TSF for completion. There will always be minor fittings that will require attention but these can be done at leisure.

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