Renault FT and TSF – Mission Accomplished!

Our project this week involved the completion of the camouflage scheme for the Renault TSF. The internal lay out of the radio, batteries and equipment was assembled by one of the team. The vehicle was taken for its maiden run on Tuesday in readiness for its showing with the Renault Ft at Tankfest this weekend. Both vehicles were loaded on Wednesday afternoon to be taken to the Tank Museum for the weekend’s activities.

Planning has started for the Foundations second Jagdpanther hull. We have found very rare original blueprint drawings which will be converted into autoCad by our specialists. This work will be started in a few months time.

The Sd.Kfz 222 and 223 projects are beckoning as these can be started alongside the Jagdpanther work given that much of it involves planning to begin with.

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