Renault FT and TSF, Leichte Panzerspähwagen, Jagdpanther Floorplate

We continued our work on the Jagdpanther floor plate identification. CAD drawings have been made of the various patterns involved. These will be put out for production. The detail on these can be found in this week’s Inside Track piece Jagdpanther MNH Floor Plate Revisited. More work was conducted on stripping and cleaning the Maybach NL38 TR. Drawings are being done of all the ancillary components. These will have patterns made to be reproduced. The origianl colour of this engine, subject to some speculation on the web has been established and will be covered in a piece for next week’s Inside Track.

The armoured car chassis is ready for collection. This took over 6 days to remove the rust. It will be collected on Tuesday.

A film crew have been here for hours to record the Renault FT and TSF. This we hope will provide a quality and meaningful addition to the commemorative drive for the First World War – 100 years since these two tanks first saw service.

Our Zundapp KS 750 side car combination motorcycle and Kettenkrad were serviced and run this week as part of their routine servicing. See our Facebook page for more

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