Jagdpanther, Zundapp KS750, Maybach NL38 TR, Renault FT

The Jagdpanther plans are progressing well with the Auto CAD drawings for the required chassis components now complete. The upper superstructure drawings are well underway to allow the panels to fit together well. Once these superstructure drawings are complete we will focus on the interior cross members – the latitudinal and longitudinal frames that run across the floor of the Jagdpanther which hold the interior bushes for the swing arms and the torsion bars.

The Zundapp KS 750 is progressing well but is now reaching a point on some parts where we are waiting for the original parts to arrive. These are fortunately bolt on parts such as the headlamp, Noris hooter etc so can be added at a later date without much problem. Accuracy and discerning what is correct from a date perspective and identifying what is fake is ongoing. All of this information is to be of our members. Become a member and see all of this and related information on our projects and collection published in our Inside track magazine.

The optic retainers for the Hotchkiss M1914 for the Renault FT are almost finished. Of the 3 components 2 are now done and the 3rd is well underway. Once this is done the parts will need priming and painting and fitting together with all of the new accurate parts for the TSF. The Sd.Kfz 261/260 can then begin.

The full account of the conservation of the Maybach NL38 TR has now been completed. This will be available for members to read in a few weeks. Have a good weekend.

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