Jagdpanther 411, Zundapp KS 750, leichte Zugkraftwagen 1 ton ‘Demag’, VW 166 Schwimmwagen

Recovering from our Members Day 2019 required shifting most of our collection from its temporary display areas away from the main collection building. We are very fortunate in that the collection is serviced and run regularly now. This allows us to drive any required vehicle around at any given time. The theory works well as long as there is fuel in the tanks. This was our experience at the weekend when we drove everything back into the collection hall save for a solitary example – the leichte Zugkraftwagen 1 ton ‘Demag’. We considered all possible outcomes for why the vehicle would not start – fuel pump, fuel lines, carburettor even battery until someone discovered there was no fuel in the tank. The mess that was cleared from the fuel lines due to the engine being run on empty was considerable. The lines are now clean and the tanks were filled. She drove back into the collection hall with much more gusto than we had seen for years!

Jagdpanther 411 was loaded on Sunday and has been tested on the track at Tankfest to allow the final adjustment of the steering setting. She ran very well at the weekend but one small snag was noted in turning right using neutral steer. This has now been resolved but would not have surfaced if we had conducted a 3 point turn!! A small electrical issue has also been discovered on the instrument panel which will be attended to when we return home from Tankfest.

Starting instruction for the Zundapp KS 750 has been handed on if we are able to transport the motorcycle combination to Tankfest. This is unlikely to happen as all of the team members are out at present. No one is available to drive the trailer there and back.

The Schwimmwagen is in fine fettle with the exception of a very visible oil leak from the front axle recently returned from yet another ‘expert’ in Germany. Quite amazing how many experts turn out to be just the opposite. All that remains to be fitted is the skid over the front axle. Indications on how much work will need to be done elsewhere on her are also looking promising. The body had 2 doors cut into the side after the war which will require looking at again as this work was not done very well. This is not a large piece of work but will require torquing the body to get the shape back as we insert the new door sections. Plans at present….

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