Jagdpanther 411, SdKfz 261

The team spent most of this week rearranging the area around the workshop for the Members Day 2019. The work was to remove and stack all non essential restoration material elsewhere in storage on the premises. Clutter gathered over many years has been removed and much of it lined up for disposal next week. Assisting contractors in preparing the planned audio visual facility for completion. We are aiming to have this facility completed before Members Open Day on the 22nd of this month to allow presentations to take place by Hilary Doyle and the team on the Jagdpanther. New sound systems together with screens are being prepared for the facility. Racking has now been extended in the adjoining workshop which currently houses the Renault FT and TSF and the 1919 relative Renault GP tractor. These are to be removed for the day togther with many of the other internal exhibits to provide visitors with a much improved viewing of our collection.

The SdKfz 261 chassis progressed during the early part of the week. The last part of the frame has been started with the internal and external bracing for the differential and drive shafts. This work will continue as soon as we have secured a fully operational Jagdpanther – able to steer and drive well.

We managed to secure key original parts for the Jagdpanther project. These will be added to the large collection of components which lie in readiness for the project when it commences. A nice and extremely rare carburettor was also sourced for the 3 Serie SdKfz 223. This is a serious stroke of fortune given that we were a long way down the road towards reproducing an extra example for the SdKfz 223.

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