Jagdpanther, SdKfz 261, VW 166 Schwimmwagen, Willys

Focus in the early part of the week saw continued work on readying the Foundation’s workshops and surrounding premises for the Members Open Day next week. A team is putting the finishing touches to the audio visual room. Painting and decorating is today’s task with plastering having been completed earlier in the week. Once this work had been completed the electrical fittings will be installed followed by a final look over by the painting crew.

The workshop team have since returned to the Jagdpanther and have ensured she is not only turning well but driving to the team’s satisfaction. This was completed by Wednesday and the team has returned once more to arranging how the vehicles will be set out for the Open day.

The Schwimmwagen front axle has had the gaskets fitted and is awaiting the parts which have now been secured for the steering box. These should arrive by today or Monday next week. It will be the first time the Schwimmwagen has driven in over 12 years.

The SdKfz 261 chassis front section has had some work done this week but was interrupted by the call for work for the Open Day. This will resume in earnest once the Open day is over and the premises are returned to normal. A visit to the stores whilst clearing areas for the Open Day resulted in a rather unexpected bonus. The gearbox mount dampers we have been looking for were right in front of us. Thank you Geir!!

The Willys Jeep received more attention and was taken for a short test drive.

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