Jagdpanther 411, SdKfz 223, SARC Marmon Herrington MK III

A slow week here at the workshops with most of the team away on holiday or at home. The Jagdpanther has yet to be returned to the workshop premises. She awaits her driver to return from his holiday to load her next Monday at the Tank Museum. Tankfest proved to be a fruitful venture for us this year. We had three full days showing people the internals of the JP providing a full but time limited explanation of the crew and their tasks and the equipment within the vehicle. The Jagdpanther behaved herself in the few circuits she made within the arena. The preparation of the previous weeks paid off.

Research continues on the SdKfz 223 carburettor for the 3.5 V8 Horch engine. Work is required on the newly acquired and complete example to bring it to the same restored state as the first example acquired. Translation of the relevant operators manual should prove invaluable once we are able to run the engine. Still some time off but no harm in preparing well ahead of time. A full article on the carburettor is being prepared for our magazine Inside Track. Some of the original technical German is proving a little tricky….

Research and images continue to be complied for our South African Reconnaissance Car ‘Marmon Herrington’ Mk III. A picture is forming of what constitutes the range of types within the MK III range. Our research team have their hands full with the subject.

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