Jagdpanther 411, Maybach NL 38TR, Zundapp KS750, Renault TSF and Renault FT, Hotchkiss M1914, RAL 7028

The conservation work of the Tank Museum’s Maybach NL 38Tr has been completed and the plaque which required a lengthy period of research has been completed. This now is positioned where it used to be – on the rocker cover. The Zundapp KS750 is starting to be reassembled. We checked the paint once again after the components for the motorcycle combination were painted. The paint is correct for RAL 7028 during the war years. Please read the Inside Track piece for more information. The antenna mast for the Renault TSF has been painted and this and the reel are awaiting fitting to the interior of the Renault TSF. The TSF will then be finished. The magazine drum for the Renault FT is under construction. This will be written up and posted in Inside Track and trial fitted to the Hotchkiss M1914.

The Jagdpanther steering has been researched once again using the JP and the Panther at the Tank Museum. The steering was assembled and set incorrectly at the time of its restoration. This will be rectified in the New Year. Then magneto issue has been resolved and the engine deck plates are now back in place.

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