Jagdpanther, Renault FT, Renault TSF

Jagdpanther 411 returned from Tankfest at the Tank Museum on Monday. She was driven in to her normal storage area inside the Workshop. The relevant magneto archive data was pulled in readiness for the work required. The roller in the right hand steering assembly is also in question. This information was also extracted for later review.

The Renault FT and TSF gear gates are now ready for collection. The original aluminium base for the gear gate has to be replaced due to severe corrosion in the aluminium over the past 100 years. This has been replaced with a new casting which is to be collected next week for machining. The Renault FT will have a new complete upper and lower gear gate assembly machined at the same time.

On the CAD drawing side, one of the team members completed the full set of drawings for the two original Renault FT gear cases which are to be machined in the next few weeks to remove any distortion which has occured over time.

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