Renault FT

Renault FT fans, pulleys and clutch bell housings

This week we completed work on the fans for the Renault FT radiator. The last part of the puzzle was when the fan shaft was riveted to the fan allowing for the assembly of the self adjustable belt pulley. You can see some exciting footage on our Facebook page in which the width of the fan edge was being taken back to it’s correct dimension. Patterns were returned from the pattern maker and new patterns commissioned. The springs for the self adjusting pulleys are due to be collected next Wednesday. The clutch bell housings for both engines are currently being machined and at least one will be ready for our Milestone Event on 17th December.

Once we have the bell housing and the full fan assembly inclusive of the self adjusting pulley with spring ready we will be able to fit the fan belt and run the complete engine for the first time.

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