Horch 901 Kommandeurswagen Kfz 21, Zundapp KS 750, Maybach NL38TR

Progress on the Maybach NL38TR engine with the reassembly now well under way. The external paint finish is being matched by our paint conservation specialists. The Horch 901 Kommandeurswagen Kfz21 is undergoing long awaited maintenance. The effects of modern fuel on the fuel lines, servicing with oil change, fuel tank draining etc. Taking advantage of the good weather and taking her for a drive.

The Zundapp KS 750 is awaiting the new parts to replace those questionable items built in over the below average restorations done over the years. Choices have to made with our on site specialist which side car frames to use (choice of 4), RIBE bolt switch to replace all modern bolts. The correct historical Dunkelgelb matching RAL 7028 is being produced and will be used on the Zundapp KS 750 – the guinea pig for all future paint treatment in our German WW2 paint research drive which is following the same scientific discovery process as the Renault FT and TSF

Pattern maker to be visited later this week to action our manifold requirements and other engine accessories.

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