Jagdpanther 411

Getting Ready for Tankfest!

This week we received the latest batch of Renault FT castings from the foundry. These will require machining in the very near future. The drawings for all of these are largely complete. The only items which remain uncast are some bogie wheels and return rollers.

We have been very fortunate to have been able to reunite three original MG Werkzeug cases with their original contents.

Planning is still progressing well for Tankfest next week. We have our Weald Foundation T-Shirts and overalls ready for the team along with banners, leaflets and photographs for our display. The JP is due for collection on Wednesday for transportation to the Tank Museum. We will be taking plenty of photos and film for the website and Facebook. Last minute tasks remain e.g, the gas mask holders will be ready for next week.

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