Black Sea StuG III G, 3 Serie SdKfz 223, 4 Serie SdKfz 222,

The long awaited removal of Zimmerit from the rear deck and rear crew cabin wall started this week. One of our members volunteered to do this physically difficult task during a visit to the Foundation. We welcome volunteers given the breadth of projects that we have undertaken and the sheer number of tasks that are required at any moment for past and current restoration projects. This particular project was to rectify an earlier oversight in which Zimmerit (anti magnetic mine paste) was applied to the rear deck and cabin wall of our Black Sea StuG. Our Black Sea StuG was originally assembled by MIAG. Only Alkett had Zimmerit applied to the engine deck and crew cabin wall. This work will be continued and hopefully completed next week by the team.

Our drawings for the 3 armoured car projects have now moved on to the fittings from the hulls – these drawings are complete. The fittings for the 3 Serie SdKfz 223 have started well with the fenders now taking shape. These will be completed next week and we will move to other fittings on the exterior such as the stowage boxes, spare wheel fittings, steps etc. This work will then progress to the 4 Serie SdKfz 222 and 5 Serie Sdkfz 261. Each of the remaining two vehicles have different fittings to match their Series and chronological sequence which our research team has been working on for many years. The urgency of the project has brought them back into the fray and they are nearing a detailed and studied conclusion for all 3 of these marques. For more on this topic please follow our Inside Track magazine. If you are not currently a member why not join the team?

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