Big step forward for second Sd.Kfz.223 project

This week has seen all of the interior and exterior tabs cleaned, threaded and fitted to allow for the blasting and priming of the 2 body halves of the TWC Sd.Kfz.223. This will be booked in for next week. The front half is the most important in sequence terms and will be fitted to the chassis once the electrical loom is fully in place.

We have made some big decisions for our next projects. Every vehicle has a place in the project list which extends out to 2037. We have spelt out the first few years of the plan in this week’s article in Inside Track our online journal. The project sequence was arrived at during discussions with the team and trustees. A lively discussion which has been adjusted for projected late delivery of vital spares and components for a number of these projected short term projects about to kick off.

Drawings are being prepared for some required components of the Jagdpanther. It will require some lead time for these components to arrive once the drawings are complete. The other projects within the overall time frame will benefit from these openings in time.

Have a good weekend everybody!!

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